Ashton Golf Club

DBE installed a Toshiba ST-60 touch screen terminal. The compact design and robust touch screen was the perfect choice for a bar environment. The simple menu layout and operation made using the machine easy for both voluntary and paid staff.

All the members details along with all the products and prices were entered into the existing back office PC. Each member was issued with a printed card enabling them to put credit on the card at the till (using either cash or credit card). Each members can use their card to pay for drinks, removing the need to carry cash or credit cards on their visit to the club.

An extremely fast set-up was required to ensure minimum interruption to both the members and the club. The installation commenced in the morning and by the end of the day all cards were issued and working, staff were trained and the stock was 100% up to date.


“We are extremely pleased with the benefits that the system has brought to both the members and the efficient running of the club. Our members value the card system with its automatic 15% bar discount, giving them confidence that their balances are 100% accurate at all times, removing the need to carry large amounts of cash. As club treasurer my job running the club efficiently and profitably has been made easier. We can now obtain full reporting information on the profit of each stock line, giving greater visibility of spending and accountability to the club.”

Mike Haughton, Club Treasurer