The aim is in the name. Build a fast & reliable system for fast food restaurants.

The Fast Food scene in the UK has transformed in recent years. Both on the high street and online. The choice for the consumer is now huge. Our mission is to give our clients all the tools they need to stay ahead in this highly competitive sector. We want our clients to be able to enter orders simply and quickly at the Till or Self-Service Kiosk, be able to take orders from the web or their own branded App to save costs from 3rd parties, and manage all those orders from a Till, assigning deliveries to drivers (that are reconciled on their return) and giving clients accurate collection times. The Tills can also be used for reference, storing any nutritional / allergen information and giving the exact ingredients for any dish along with a picture of how the finished product should look. With full loyalty added to the above, we think we have everything covered for our clients.

Let DBE find the perfect solution for you!

Simple & Fast

Optimised screen layouts and buttons for speed of service, enabling top selling items to be accessed easily. Screen prompts and product information can assist with meal deals, promotions and allergens. Order Numbering, tickets and KVS reporting can also streamline the speed of service for customers waiting.


Staff can find the allergens contained within a certain food or drink product at the touch of a button. Ensuring staff can warn customers where necessary.

Meal Deals

Whether it’s a customer specific or timed promotion our system can automatically handle discounts and offers. Cashiers are prompted to ask the question to ensure the customer is aware of any multibuy offers that may be applicable. Increasing customer satisfaction and spend per head.


Loyalty is proven to increase spend and customer retention. Customers can collect points or receive discounts on the amount they spend. Extra points can be awarded on certain lines to reduce wastage and increase GP. Discounts and points can be applied only on certain products where necessary. Customers can even pay a different price tariff once their card is swiped on the till.

Kitchen Screens

Kitchen screens can display the all the items currently on order, the total number of a specific dish on order and the average preparation time per order. Clear visibility helps to increase speed and efficiency in the kitchen whilst maintaining standards.

Online Ordering

We can create a branded app and website for online ordering that integrates seamlessly with all our Epos systems. It is also easy to manage, reliable, convenient and simple. Customers are served faster when they order, and payment is taken in advance. You can build your customers profile through each sale, making it easy to keep in touch with your customer base. Reports and analytics can help improve sales and create new revenue streams. Promotions, deals and loyalty can also be easily managed. We can save your business money over other 3rd party ordering sites.

Integrations Available

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