Build a robust & reliable EPOS system for your retail store.

The modern Retailer needs to react quickly to the ever-changing face of the High Street. Our systems are continuously developed to give Retailers all the Tools they need. Retaining customers and building commitment from them is also key, and our ‘high featured’ loyalty schemes are a superb tool to have. All our HQ & Back Office Packages are true Multi-Site, making it easy to manage product pricing and customer data for 1 or 100 locations.

Promotions are also key to both attracting new customers and rewarding existing one. Our Promos could not be more powerful or flexible and can even be linked to customer reward schemes. Our knowledge of weighing Scales also assists Retails, be that Label Printing Scales for Meat Counters or Integrated Scales for Supermarket Checkouts.

Let DBE find the perfect solution for you!

Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is proven to increase spend and customer retention. Customers can collect points or receive discounts on the amount they spend. Extra points can be awarded on certain lines to reduce wastage and increase GP. Retailers can aim promotions to customers based on their spending patterns.

Digital Marketing

We can fit Customer Facing screens to most Pos terminals we stock. These are an excellent way to show the customer the price of their purchases along with any promotional videos or marketing information you want your customers to see. This is a very cost effective form of marketing.

Stock Control

Managing Stock & GP is essential in Retail, and Stockade could not be more comprehensive. It is only when you start using a good Stock system that you realise how good it is. All the difficulties in Stock Management is made simple and applying changes to large groups of products, managing multiple codes for one product, ordering from best supplier & having low margin lines made obvious really help todays retailer.

Speed of Service

In Supermarkets and busy Stores it is essential that staff are as quick as possible on the Till. Simple, easy to navigate screens are essential, Integrated Chip & Pin & Scales also speed everything up and eliminate mistakes.


We can offer multiple Sign on methods for Staff on all our Terminals, with varying levels of access, so only the staff you want have the functionality you decide on. Staff can use Fingerprint, Dallas Key, Card Swipe, Password to log on to Tills. We can also link CCTV to a Till, so Management can compare what has gone through the checkout with what was wrong into the Till, this is the ultimate in fraud protection.

Integrations Available

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