Training is absolutely key to getting the best from your DBE system. To this end, we always try to implement a structured approach to training, getting the client involved in each section of the building of the system.

However, as this is not always possible with time constraints etc. We offer targeted training sessions at our Training Room in Ashton U Lyne or on site at the client’s premises.

The benefits of training at our offices is that there are no interruptions as the client is away from business environment and we are geared up for putting these courses on and ensuring you get the most from the visit.

We also use remote log-in, to top up on training, where our staff can give you access to their screen or vice versa to go through some specific points over the phone. This can be particularly useful for specific queries such as Stock Takes or ‘How to do’….

We realise that you will only get the best from your system if you are completely familiar with it, to this end we will go to great lengths to ensure you get what you need in terms of training. We will always ensure that the trainer knows your particular industry inside out, so understands your questions and can offer solutions and advise that you may not have considered.

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