Build a seamless system that can handle all the requirements of a busy hotel.

Many hotels make the mistake of choosing their PMS package and then having whatever POS links to it or use something that isn’t quite a complete Epos system, or not perfect for them.

We show prospective Hotel clients what our Epos can do for their Bar & Restaurant, and then show them how our integrations work with leading PMS packages such as Welcome, Acomos, Guestline, and let them choose which package suits them the most.

Let DBE find the perfect solution for you!

Simple & Fast

Part time and high turnover of staff can be an issue for many Hotels. With simple customised screen layouts and clerk interrupt to allow staff to access the till at the same time as their colleagues both of which can increase speed of service. Product images on buttons can aid the training of new staff.

Staff Security

Finger print, Dallas key or swipe card sign on methods can all help to reduce theft and loss of stock whilst prohibiting management functions. Each member of Staff can have individual access rights to ensure you only give access to who you wish.

Product Information

Staff can find ingredients and pictures of what the finished product should look like at the touch of a button. Giving staff better knowledge whilst aiding training. This could be how to make a certain Cocktail or tasting notes on wines for example.

Table Management

We can view Tables in various formats, a complete Table Plan for each section, a Table List that offers more information in a list format or straight forward Table No entry. We can choose to make entering number of covers or customer name compulsory. We can split bills automatically or by item. We are also able to view instantly how long a Tables have been open, where they are up to for example Mains, Coffees, had Bill etc. Tabs can also be handled, which can be transferred to their Table when ready. If ResDiary is in use, we can integrate all the above information, so ResDiary gets to see where each Table is up to.


Orderpads enable orders to be taken at the table quickly and simply, this ensures nothing is missed from the bill, service is quicker and the spend per head is increased. In addition, all the functionality of a standard till can be replicated on the orderpad such as product information which can be displayed to the customer directly at the table.

Kitchen Screens

Kitchen screens can display the all the checks currently on order for the various sections of the kitchen. This can be fully automated or controlled by the chefs in each section. The total number of a specific dish on order and the average preparation time per check can be displayed. Clear visibility helps to increase speed and efficiency in the kitchen whilst maintaining standards. Analytics enable management to review performance.

Integrations Available

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