The fast-paced hospitality sector deserves a system to match.

The Food Industry has soared in recent years, which is great news for the consumer. However, the Operator is now faced with more competition than ever. It is our job to ensure we give our clients that edge. Making sure every coffee & dessert are on the Bill, ensuring that you get the maximum amount of revenue for each Table, getting food to tables fast to ensure they can be turned, manage their staffing levels, control the cash & manage P & L Levels. Integrations are key to this sector to, our clients enjoy the use of Handheld Orderpads, Kitchen Monitors that assist Chefs, Live Dashboards so they can see how busy all sites are & Integrations that allow customers to pay their bills on their smart device without waiting for a waiter.

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Set Menus

Pop ups/set menus guide the operator through the sale asking relevant questions such as how cooked for steaks and bread choice for sandwiches. Mixers can linked to spirits to ensure the staff are charging customers correctly where applicable. They can also be tailored to ask customers would they like to add…? to improve upselling on the EPOS.


Orderpads enable orders to be taken at the table quickly and simply, this ensures nothing is missed from the bill, service is quicker and the spend per head is increased. In addition, all the functionality of a standard till can be replicated on the orderpad such as product information which can be displayed to the customer directly at the table.

Product Information

Product information feature enables cashiers to advise customers on certain information relating to the that item from the till or tableside on the orderpad. This can be an image of what the finished product should look like or details such as Allergens or nutritional content. This feature can also empower cashiers for example on the origin of a wine or when recommending a wine to accompany a certain dish.

Table Management

We can view Tables in various formats, a complete Table Plan for each section, a Table List that offers more information in a list format or straight forward Table No entry. We can choose to make entering number of covers or customer name compulsory. We can split bills automatically or by item. We are also able to view instantly how long a Tables have been open, where they are up to for example Mains, Coffees, had Bill etc. Tabs can also be handled, which can be transferred to their Table when ready. If ResDiary is in use, we can integrate all the above information, so ResDiary gets to see where each Table is up to.

Kitchen Screens

Kitchen screens can display the all the checks currently on order for the various sections of the kitchen. This can be fully automated or controlled by the chefs in each section. The total number of a specific dish on order and the average preparation time per check can be displayed. Clear visibility helps to increase speed and efficiency in the kitchen whilst maintaining standards. Analytics enable management to review performance.


The efficient handling of Deposits in a Restaurant can save literally hours of work and give all the staff great confidence that nothing can get missed. Especially at busy times such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. When the staff take a Deposit, the systems asks them for the date the client wants to come in, on a very simple screen. It then asks the amount of Deposit paid, time they would like to come and how many covers. When you are in the Deposits section you can always see a list of bookings that are coming in that day. The operator can simply choose Mr Jones and assign him to a table. When the Bill is issued after the meal, the Deposit is already deducted and the Balance due clearly displayed.


Loyalty is proven to increase spend and customer retention. Customers can collect points or receive discounts on the amount they spend. Extra points can be awarded on certain lines to reduce wastage and increase GP. Discounts and points can be applied only on certain products where necessary. Customers can even pay a different price tariff once their card is swiped on the till.

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