Tailor your system to suit the needs of your Pub or Bar.

We have supported Bars for over 30 years and worked very closely with our clients throughout. It has been a great pleasure to witness the huge difference Technology has made in this sector. Information is key to assist Bar Operators, be it to control their Stock, Manage their staffing levels, control the Cash, manage P & L Levels and ensure operators make as many sales as possible by offering marketing tools where customers can buy drinks without queuing at bars or pay Bills without waiting for Card machines etc..

Speed of service needs to be maximised, and doesn’t have to cost the earth. Let DBE find the perfect solution for you.

Simple & Fast

With customised screen layouts and clerk interrupt to allow staff to access the till at the same time as their colleagues both of which can increase speed of service. Product images on buttons can aid the training of new staff.

Staff Security

Finger print, Dallas key or swipe card sign on methods can all help to reduce theft and loss of stock whilst prohibiting management functions.

Cocktail Ingredients

Staff can find ingredients and pictures of what the finished product should look like at the touch of a button. Giving staff better knowledge whilst aiding training.

Customer Tabs

Tabs can be stored against a number or even the customer’s name. This can be accessed on all machines by all cashiers. This allows customers to build up a tab simply.

Advertising Screens

Advertise offers to your customers at the point of sale increasing the chance of upsells. Also promote upcoming events to your target market.

Happy Hour

The system can handle multiple price levels by automated scheduled timer or by the press of a button increasing turnover in quiet periods and improving GP.

Countdown on Buttons

Whether it’s a limited number of food specials or a guest ale the system can warn staff with the number of a specific product left. This allows them to inform the customer in real time if something is not available helping to reduce complaints.


Loyalty is proven to increase spend and customer retention. Customers can collect points or receive discounts on the amount they spend. Extra points can be awarded on certain lines to reduce wastage and increase GP. Discounts and points can be applied only on certain products where necessary.

Integrations Available

Here’s what our clients had to say…

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