Tailor made systems to suit the unique needs that Delis & Bakeries require.

In recent times Farm Shops and Delis have become serious business outlets as opposed to an additional part of the main operation. It is a sector that many providers get wrong as there requires a wealth of knowledge of more aspects than all other sectors. We have in house specialists in Printing Scales for example as well as Retail and Hospitality specialists.

We have years of experience with labelling scales, scanning systems, multibuy offers & promotions alongside our specialist knowledge of the Hospitality sector where table service, kitchen management and Gift Cards / Loyalty are essential.

Let DBE find the perfect solution for you!

Full Stock Control

Managing Stock & GP is essential in Retail, and Stockade could not be more comprehensive. It is only when you start using a good Stock system that you realise how good it is. All the difficulties in Stock Management is made simple and applying changes to large groups of products, managing multiple codes for one product, ordering from best supplier & having low margin lines made obvious really help todays retailer.


Loyalty is proven to increase spend and customer retention. Customers can collect points or receive discounts on the amount they spend. Extra points can be awarded on certain lines to reduce wastage and increase GP. Retailers can aim promotions to customers based on their spending patterns. In Delis, cross sector marketing is very popular, letting customers build up loyalty points in the Coffee Shop to spend in the Butchers for example.


Both the Scale Labels and Shelf Edge Labels can keep your brand identity across the product range. Rear Display Screens showing promotions, advertising and product information.

Scale Integration

The barcode label can include your store name, logo, product name, weight in kg/g, selling price, ingredients, nutrition information including allergens and a barcode to make sure you are compliant with food information regulations.

Integrations Available

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