Order Pads

Handheld devices can be a great asset for your business, but you need to be clear about what you are aiming to achieve.

The biggest driving forces for introducing them are to either help turn the tables, as all orders are put through instantly without the Server disappearing or to increase the spend of a Table by offering more drinks / dishes while the table is occupied.

Improve Efficiency

Orders will get to the Kitchen and Bar as while Server is still at the Table, meaning clients get the food and drinks much quicker. Once you factor in that they go from one Table to the next, without having to walk to a Till, it shaves off even more time, meaning Tables can be turned much more often.

Increase Spend

Handheld should be turning £50 Bills into £75 Bills simply by the Server not moving from their section and always offering the client additional drinks or snacks.

Reduce Mistakes

Mistakes are eliminated as the Server is entering the Order as it is given, offering the customer any menu options that pop up and making specific notes such as No Garlic, eliminating the chance of recalling the order at the till incorrectly.

Educate Servers

The Handhelds can store information again each dish that the Server can use for reference or to answer any specific questions. The information stored can be Allergen / Nutritional info, a description of a dish, Wine tasting notes or even a picture of what the dish looks like.

Easy Upselling

Servers can be prompted to ask questions when taking Orders, ensuring that customers are offered any upgrades or additional sides that may go with their Meal.

Bill Printing/ Payments

Again, to increase speed, efficiency and general customer experience. Staff can issue Bills from the Handhelds and even finalise Bills.

Server Alerts

When a Server goes to a table, the handheld can display how many Dover Soles are remaining, as the Chef started service with 15 and a countdown can be displayed, ensuring customers are not disappointed by having to choose again.

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